Balloons By Phony Express LLC

Tropical Theme Decorations
Elegant Palm Tree sculptures set the tropical theme. Trunks are internally lit while floor spotlights create drama.
Our colossal 14-foot glowing "Parrot" soars above the dance floor.
A "Mylar Frond" Palm tree with glowing lighted trunk stands 12 feet tall.
An 8 foot tall balloon flamingo sits atop the buffet tables forming a colorful focal point.
A "tropical beach at sunset" backdrop makes a great addition to a stage or photo area.

The backdrop measures 8 feet high by 12 feet wide.

These Carribean pattern columns set a tropical tone at the entryway.

Tropical "Bubble" balloons add motion and color above the tents at an outdoor event.
Another version of our balloon Parrot sits perched above our palm plants.
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