Balloon Decor By Phony Express

Sailing, Sea & Pirates Themes

A tall, glowing Lighthouse sculpture becomes the focal point for the event.

A sailboat silhouette lit by a "water-effects" motion light is in the background.

Ocean dock pilings with seaweed, seagull, plants and floor spotlights create an effective entry.
A sailboat silhouette lit by "water-effects" motion light fills the space on an open wall.
This pirate skeleton guards an underwater treasure chest, decorated with gold coins, jewelry and sea bubbles at the entrance to an event.
A pirate ship mast flies the jolly roger flag, flanked by sea bubbles and fish balloons.
A 12 foot wide by 8 foot high "sea at sunset" mural makes a great photo backdrop for guests to pose and photograph their friends. The backdrop also looks great behind the D.J..
Please contact us for additional ideas and photographs of our sailing, beach and pirate events.
Balloons By Phony Express creates custom decorations for any event. We have experience with numerous themes..

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Balloons By Phony Express, L.L.C.. all rights reserved.
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