Balloon Decor By Phony Express

"Paris, France"
A Parisian park scene of ficus trees, bench, easel & painting greets the guests with a 24 foot Eiffel tower in the background as they enter Aladdin Shrine's auditorium.

Guests enter the dance floor under the 24 foot glowing Eiffel tower balloon sculpture, which acts as the focal point of the room.
The Parisian park continues with a working fountain, surrounded by decorative fencing.
Tall French "Street Lamp" sign-posts with glowing top balloon lights mark the corners of the dance floor (about 11 feet in height).
A smaller Eiffel Tower with twinkle lights decorates the registration table; foil star balloon arches lead guests into the ballroom.
Our ivy and rose covered trellis', with twinkle lights, create a triple trellis entry.
An entry decorated with our ivy covered twinkle-lit trellis' at Villa Milano.
Also Available:

Ficus Trees with twinkle lights (7-8 feet)

French flags (4' x 6')

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